GOWLD Embrace the wisdom of the OWL!

We rule those who rule us, they just think they rule.

Contract: 0x82d3829d97fc2d9987f7ce966486e86bd04716d5

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What is the purpose of GOWLD?

GOWLD is a Decentralized Exchange for projects to be launched on the ETH network

GOWLD aims to provide a BOT-free, FREE exchange method to ETH project investors by offering the opportunity to exchange projects on the GOWLD exchange instead of swapping on the ETH network. You will be able to enter orders for your transactions, put a stop and perform these transactions without any membership requirement. We will also ensure that projects to be listed are not listed on any high-fee DEX.

Why is buy-sell tax 0?

Because we don't want investors' money. With Gowld we want to teach people to trade safely in this area. Here investors will learn a lot of things they are not allowed to do in DEX. There are a lot of scammers out there taking investors' money. Our goal is to stop these people from doing it.

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Why did we burn liquidity?

It is important to us that investors feel secure. I would like to achieve a lot with "GOWLD". Our goal is not to create 1 month of hype and then run away.

Secure with "GOWLD"

$GOWLD (GOWLD) is a mysterious project and was on 08.06.2022 via stealth-launched. Our goal with "GOWLD" is to teach investors more security. It is difficult to trade safely in DEX these days. With "GOWLD" you will learn how and what to pay attention to in the future.

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Everybody who sends 0.1 ETHto the lottery contract address will get one entry ticket. To have multiple entries, you will need to send 0.1 ETH for each ticket. The smart contract will sign your wallet address up for the raffle pool. Even if you got your tickets using a single wallet, you will have a chance to win for each ticket you have.
At the end of the draw, the rewards will be sent to the winning wallet. The remaining amount will be used to buyback.

Details of the first Lottery:

Date: 21.07.2022

Time: 18:00 UTC

Duration: 24h

Lottery contract:


What is our Mission?

GOWLD is a Decentralized Exchange for projects to be launched on the ETH network

Ensuring the true use of cryptocurrencies with strengthened liquidity. We will raise awareness in this world, we will do it with the community. We want the change created by GOWLD to be talked about in the future, we want everyone to say, "Thanks to GOWLD, cryptocurrencies have found their true meaning" and you can be sure that we will achieve it.